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March 2011 Newsletter

March 23, 2011

March 2011 Newsletter

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  1. Sherri D permalink

    Hi there, I thought it might be of, at least entertainment, interest to someone that we saw what appeared to be an adult bobcat behind our condo (The Village) today! At first we thought it was a baby cougar, but after looking at pictures online, it was definitely a mature or near mature (40 pounds) bobcat! We live in F136 and it was looking in our back glass door at our parrot(who was none too pleased). When it saw me coming, it ran about 20-30′ away into a bush and watched for a minute. When I stepped outside, thinking it was a baby cougar, it ran. Not aggressive or scary at all. Interestingly enough, I thought they were nocturnal but this was around 11am on Easter.

    • Sherri D,

      Are you in the Village at Montreux Condos? What was the date you posted this message? Thanks for posting.


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