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Reminder to obtain ACC approval for exterior changes

by on May 17, 2012

Design approval by the ACC is necessary for all external changes to lots and residences.

If you do anything to your house or lot which we can see from the street or your neighbors can see or hear then you have to have permission from ACC.

Approval is required for:

     Painting exterior of residence including trim.  The colors and materials of the portion of the homes or other structures on the lot which can be seen from outside the Property shall blend into the natural landscape as much as possible. Please note that bright colors, including white, are prohibited on the north sides and roofs of any homes located on the northern edge of Division 1 or on the sides and roofs of homes in other Divisions which can be seen from outside the Property  CC&R   5.2.3

    Please notify ACC of any such painting even if painting without change in color. In almost all cases approval can be given within one week. Please provide notice including brief statement of plan and colors chosen.

      Roofing.    CC&R now include approval of not only cedar shake roofing but also for certain asphalt composite roofing.  Replacement with cedar shake roofing does not require ACC approval. If your plan is to use composite roofing please obtain copy of the CC&R section providing details  which is available on the Montreux website, and use it to guide your choices and provide copy to your contactor as the specifications are contained in this section including colors allowed.

     Remodeling.   All remodeling visible from outside of your home or addition of outside structures on your property require approval of ACC.

     Landscaping.   Please notify ACC of plans for “major” changes in landscape which would significantly change the overall appearance of your property either from street view or equally importantly the view from your neighbors.

     Tree cutting.  Cutting trees with trunk diameter less than 6 inches is allowed without approval. Cutting larger trees should be approved by ACC and in some cases by city as well. Also as a courtesy to your neighbors please discuss planting of trees which at the time of planting may be of no significance but as they grow may affect the view from neighbors’ homes and yards.

     Other “structures” on your property including generators or heat pumps which are outside the residence. Montreux HOA requirements include that the generator or heat pump be located or screened from view from street or from neighbor’s property and operating noise limitations ( maximum noise level of 75 dBA at 7 meters away from the unit) Please submit plans for any such items to ACC for approval and also please discuss with neighbors before  proceeding.

Please always notify ACC of your plans BEFORE doing work. If work is done without approval and then after the fact does not meet requirements it creates a very difficult situation for everyone and may even require redo or modification of the work done.

In summary, however, we ask that not only are the rules followed specifically but more importantly that they are followed “in the spirit” of their intent which is to maintain the beauty of our neighborhood.

Robert t Wilburn, Chair ACC committee

425 643 9088  home, 425 223 0152   mobile

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