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Current Financial Statements Notice

by on August 13, 2020

Current financial statements are not posted on the Montreux website because the website is open to the general public.  Please contact the Montreux HOA Treasurer to request a copy of the current budget or other information regarding the financial status of the HOA.

Per Washington State Law:

Excerpts from RCW 64.38.045

Financial and other records—Property of association—Copies—Examination—Annual financial statement—Accounts.

  1. The association… shall keep financial and other records sufficiently detailed to enable the association to fully declare to each owner the true statement of its financial status.
  2. All records of the association… shall be available for examination by all owners.

Per Montreux HOA Bylaws:

Section 8.1. Books and Records.

The books, records and papers of the Association shall be at all times, during reasonable business hours, subject to inspection by any Member.

Last updated: Thu, Aug 13th, 2020

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