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Comcast Internet Issues in Montreux (December Update #2)

by on December 17, 2020

Dear Montreux Residents,

Status from our previous update (email dated December 10, 2020) indicated Comcast was on track to complete their internet upgrade by “mid-December”. Apparently a “continuity issue” was identified and completion is now targeted for December 21st. See below for the detailed status received this afternoon from Tim Smith, City of Issaquah Media Production Specialist:

Here is the latest information from Comcast on the work going on the Montreux neighborhood (as of 12/16/20): 

  • There is a continuity issue between the node and the Head-End
    • This means that light/signal does not make it through from the Head-End to the node to provide service
  • Techs are troubleshooting the path from the node to the Head-End to identify the break/issue 
    • This is done at night to reduce risk and noise for customers in the area
    • Also done at night so as to reduce traffic interruption (if any)
  • One break has been identified as of early this morning 
    • This is scheduled for repair on the morning of 12/18 (1-5am)
  • Troubleshooting will resume after that break is resolved 
    • If this is found to be the only break and the repair on the 18th is successful, we will be targeting cutover on the 21st  (this is when customers will see relief)
    • There is the possibility that we may find other breaks along the way, or another issue may be found 
    • There may be more issues uncovered at the time of optimization, but less likely
  • All of this means crews will be out each night until this is resolved 
    • Maintenance is scheduled for 1-5am as a standard practice
    • Crews will be at the node location and moving along the path back toward the Head-End

Thank you to Susan Glicksberg, Montreux HOA Government Affairs Chair, for her coordination with the City on this issue. We will share further updates as appropriate.


Frank Yandrasits

On behalf of Montreux Homeowners’ Association (HOA) Board

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