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Comcast Internet Issues in Montreux

by on November 18, 2020

Dear Montreux Residents,

Many of us have experienced problems with our Comcast/Xfinity internet service recently, and you may have noticed Xfinity service vehicles in our neighborhood.  

A few residents contacted the HOA Board this weekend to report conversations with Xfinity technicians that indicated the service upgrades require a new “node” and were being delayed by a permit request awaiting City of Issaquah approval.  One resident was told the permit request was pending in September but was now delayed until next spring.

Susan Glicksberg, Monteux HOA Government Affairs Chair, reached out to her contacts in the city.  Yesterday afternoon (11/17) she spoke with Tim Smith, city liaison with Comcast.  He assured her that the City of Issaquah permit for Comcast to add a “node” in the Montreux area should be approved no later than next Tuesday (11/24).  He promised a timeline of the work from Comcast soon after that.  

This situation is not unique to Montreux.  Squak Mountain residents recently addressed a similar issue.  If you are interested, the attached YouTube link of the Issaquah COVID-19 Recovery Task Force discusses this issue.  Around 05:00 into the recording there is a simplistic explanation of a “node” in internet delivery to a community.  It also discusses Comcast’s efforts to address capacity strain.

Thank you to Susan Glicksberg and other Montreux residents for working this issue with Comcast and the City of Issaquah!  We will share updates as appropriate.

We also encourage you to voice your concerns directly with the FCC:


Frank Yandrasits

On behalf of Montreux Homeowners’ Association (HOA) Board

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  1. Bhadri Govindarajan permalink

    The technician who came to my house said the problem will not be fixed atleast until May 2021.
    Comcast is waiting on permits and is not expected very soon . So I cancelled the service with comcast and went with Tmobile Home and is much better.

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