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Can I prune trees or otherwise improve the NGPE are adjacent to my property?

The CC&R’s, as well as City of Issaquah statutes, impose upon residents the obligation to leave trees and other vegetation undisturbed within the NGPE, except to the extent that the HOA and the City of Issaquah allow any hazardous trees to be removed. This prohibits, among other things, the dumping of leaves, grass clippings and other yard waste, pruning trees or other vegetation, and “improving” any portion of the NGPE by planting grass, flowers or other vegetation.

Please be advised that violating the provisions of Chapter 16.26 of the Issaquah Municipal Code is a misdemeanor and in addition to any corrective measures that may be required, may be punishable by a fine of up to $5000.

See the Montreux Tree Removal Guidelines.

Can I paint my house, put on a new roof, or perform other modifications that are visible from the street?

Improvements such as these must be approved by the Architectural Review Board.  Please contact the head of the Board member listed under “ACC” to start the approval process.  Our objective is to make this quick and painless, so that you can get on with your project.

My neighbor’s house needs maintenance, my neighbor is not mowing the grass or maintaining the yard, or my neighbor is causing a nuisance.  What should I do?

In some cases, such as maintenance, the homeowner’s association can enforce common guidelines.  In others, well, we just have to try to work with people.  Get in touch with any one of the board members, particularly with the person in charge of the CC&Rs.

I would like to know the address for the home dues. I forgot the envelope.

The address to send in the dues is:
Montreux HOA
PMB E103-115
700 NW Gilman Blvd
Issaquah, WA 98027

Can I pay the home dues online?

Currently we do not accept online payments, but you can set an automatic check payment from your bank, most banks will set you up for free.

  • Look for Transfer & Payments
  • Add Payee: (Search) “Montreux Homeowners Association”
  • Address: PMB E103-115, 700 NW Gilman Blvd, Issaquah, WA, 98027
  • Account Number or Memo: Div # / Lot #
  • Frequency: Quarterly or Every three months
  • Start date: …
  • End date: … or When I cancel

Will a charitable organization pick up the remaining unwanted items after the annual garage sale?

Yes, items that are donated to the NORTHWEST CENTER should be bagged and/or boxed up and labeled with the letters NWC.  Put them at the curb in front of your house.  The link below shows what Northwest Center can accept and what they cannot accept.

Northwest Center Donation List

Can you give me a summary of the Montreux Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CC&Rs) ?

Permitted Lot Use: Only for the purpose of construction and occupancy of one single-family residence.

Architecture: Approval by the MHA Architectural Control Officer is necessary for external changes to a lot and residence, including the removal of trees. City approval is also required if trees are in the NGPE.

Maintenance and Repair: The external residence and surrounding lawns, gardens, plantings etc. must be in a clean, attractive and sanitary condition at all times.

External Lighting: A driveway entrance lamp, with automatic on-off device (timer or light sensor), must be properly functioning. This is necessary due to absence of conventional streetlights in Montreux.

Animals: An animal must not be kept if deemed a nuisance (persistent barking for example), and must be accompanied and controlled by a responsible person when not confined to the owner’s lot.

Waste: Garbage and debris must be regularly removed from a lot and residence, and contained in clean, covered containers screened from view (except on disposal pick-up day).

Prohibited Vehicles and Equipment:  Motor Homes, boats, trailers, campers, camp trucks, mobile homes, junk vehicles or other similar machinery or equipment must not be stored on the property. The board, in its discretion, may allow for the storage of boats, trailers and motor homes in an enclosed facility or structure approved by the Architectural Control Committee.

Signs: Only temporary real estate and political signs are permitted and only on owner’s lot.

Antennae: Exterior antennae including satellite dishes must be screened from view

Surface Water Drainage: No release of oils, solvents, cleaners, etc. and no excessive fertilization on owner’s lot are allowed, as these could be washed through holding ponds directly into the lake.

I want to replace my roof.  Where can I find the Form to request this?

There is no form.  Contact the head of the ACC (See Board Members for the current office holder) and he will take it from there.

What is the purpose of the fountains in the 3 lakes (rainwater retention ponds) in Montreux?

The fountains are actually aerators specifically designed to put oxygen back into the water, which in turn helps control algae growth and pesky insects while safely promoting a healthy environment for fish and other wildlife.

Are there fish in the 3 lakes in Montreux?

Grass eating carp were planted in the lakes a few years ago for the purpose of controlling weed growth in the bottom of the lakes. These fish are sterile, and have occasionally been seen flying away from the lakes in the clutches of eagles’ claws. There are no immediate plans to replenish these fish.

Are the lakes treated with chemicals or other products?

Northwest Aquatic Ecosystems of Tumwater, WA provides regular routine maintenance of the rainwater retention ponds during the summer months on an as-needed basis. The treatments may include an algaecide, water clarifier, and a dye to color the water. All lake treatments are environmentally safe.

How much water is used by the 2 waterfalls at the Newport Way entrance to Montreux?

We don’t know for sure, but the newly control system that was installed this spring (2012) should provide an accurate answer to this question. The large waterfall has a 15 HP pump (newly installed in 2012) that moves about 1,200 gallons of water every minute. The small waterfall has a 5 HP pump (installed new in 2007) that moves about 400 gallons per minute. The water is recycled from the receiving pond, so the only water usage is leakage, and evaporation. During the rainy season rainwater more than makes up for any leakage and evaporation. Evaporation is the major loss of water during the summer months. The new water control panel separately monitors all water refiling to the waterfalls, so by the end of the summer of 2012 we should have a good answer to this question.

How is the water level controlled at the waterfalls?

Each waterfall has an ultrasonic water level sensor that continously monitors the water level in each pond. (In previous years, the water level sensors were float devices similar to what are used in tank type toilets. These devices would often fail during freezing weather resulting in thousands of gallons of wasted water). If the water level drops below the minimum setting, the refill valve opens to let new water in. When the water level rises to the maximum setting the control system automatically closes the refill valve. If the water level drops to a dangerous low level, the control system will automatically shut down the pumps and send an email to the parties responsible for maintaining the waterfalls. If the water level in the waterfall ponds gets too high, the water will escape via an overflow drain and end up in Lake Sammamish.

What is the history of pump replacement at the Montreux waterfalls?

1991 – Original pumps installed
1998 – 15 HP pump repaired
2006 – 15 HP pump replaced
2007 – 5 HP pump replaced
2012 – 15 HP pump replaced

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  1. Ping Liu permalink

    Can we make HOA payment easier? Either auto withdraw from bank account or pay it annually at the beginning of each year?

    • cristgal77 permalink

      Your bank can set up automatic payments, using the information posted above; I have it set up with Keybank.

  2. Kevin Nyhuis permalink

    Will you please make HOA contact information available? I am a new homeowner and I can’t find a phone number or email address anywhere.

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